Align Your Portfolio
With Your Evolving
Financial Goals

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Assess your portfolio holdings.

Evaluate the performance of invested funds against the peers and the benchmark.

Check how much alpha your portfolio generates for the risk you’re taking.

Get tailored insights to revamp your financial strategy.

Review Your Portfolio

    Match Your Portfolio Risk Level With Your Risk Profile.

    Discover your risk appetite and risk tolerance via our insightful Risk Profiling Quiz and ensure that your portfolio risk level matches your profile.

    Introduce True Diversification

    Eliminate redundant investments. Our experts will highlight the asset class distribution, identify duplicate investments, and suggest realignment of your portfolio for optimal results.

    Beat the Benchmark

    Revamp your portfolio to surpass the benchmark. Our team will help you identify underperforming assets and offer strategic investment opportunities.

    Who Should Get The Portfolio Review Done?

    If your overall portfolio is not beating the benchmark.

    If you don’t have the time or resources to find ideal investment opportunities.

    If you panic sell when the market fluctuates.

    If you have too many mutual fund schemes and stocks in your portfolio.

    Why Should You Review Your Portfolio?

    VNN Wealth experts study your portfolio under a microscope to find any gaps and scope for improvements. It’s a data-driven, scientific approach to optimizing your investments for better results and to achieve your financial goals faster.

    How To Get Your Portfolio Reviewed?

    Step 1

    Download your Consolidated Account Statement (e-CAS)

    Step 2

    Fill in your basic details and upload your e-CAS statement

    Step 3

    Our experts will get in touch with you.

    How to Download Your Consolidated Account Statement (e-CAS) from CAMS?