Portfolio Management Services In India

Experience the power of customized investment strategies with Portfolio Management Services (PMS). With a focus on transparency, flexibility, and superior returns, our curated selection of third-party PMS solutions caters to savvy investors seeking sophisticated wealth management services.

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Diversify Your Investments With Third-Party Portfolio Management Services.

Focused portfolios across asset classes of your choice.

An expert portfolio manager to act on your behalf with customizations to a certain extent.

Minimum investment value of INR 50,00,000.

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    Types Of Portfolio Management Services

    1. Discretionary Portfolio Management

    The portfolio manager has complete authority to make investment decisions and take actions on your behalf. It includes choosing what and when to buy/sell and how to distribute your money across various asset classes. Most PMSs in India operate with this model.

    2. Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

    In this model, the portfolio manager will first lay the suitable suggestions in front of you. Once you approve the advice, the manager will go ahead and make the transaction on your behalf.

    3. Active Portfolio Management

    Active management will focus on maximizing the returns by investing in various asset classes. Portfolio managers will adjust your portfolio as per market conditions to ensure suitable risk-reward.

    4. Passive Portfolio Management

    Passive management focuses more on safety by investing in avenues that replicate the benchmark-such as index funds. The returns may not be as superior, but the portfolio will carry lower risk.


    Freedom to Create a Custom Portfolio

    Allocation across various asset classes, themes, and sectors as per your preferences. Maintain liquidity for emergencies and periodically reshape your portfolio.

    Having an Expert to Act on Your Behalf

    A certified expert with the required market knowledge to minimize risk and maximize returns will handle all your transactions.

    Flexible Cash Holdings

    Portfolio managers have the freedom to hold up to 100% cash to use it when the opportunity arises to turn the market conditions in your favor.

    Direct Communication with the Portfolio Manager

    You can discuss the investment strategy with the portfolio manager and seek performance insights at your convenience to ensure transparency.

    Factors To Consider Before Investing Via PMS


    Investment Value

    PMS has a high minimum investment threshold of 50 lakhs. Investors should go for PMS only when about 20% of their overall net portfolio or net worth is 50 lakhs.



    PMS holds 20 to 30 stocks with high concentration, enabling high-risk-high-reward opportunities for investors.



    Every portfolio management service has a different fee structure. You may have to pay fixed maintenance fees, audit fees, exit load, and profit participation fees.

    Who Should Opt For Portfolio Management Services?

    PMS is for sophisticated investors who can comfortably invest 50 lakhs for a longer horizon.

    Investors who possess a long tail of stocks or ESOPs can transfer their portfolio to PMS for customizations as per your preference.

    Investors with prior experience in the equity market via mutual funds and have an appetite for a higher risk can look into PMS.

    Non-individuals such as HUFs, partnerships firms, sole proprietorship firms, and Body Corporate can also invest via PMS.

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    Equity Capital Gains Taxation:

    • Short-term Capital Gains tax of 15% is applicable on equity investments sold before 12 months.
    • Long-term Capital Gains tax of 10% above 1 lakh is applicable on equity investments sold after 12 months.

    Non-Equity Gains Taxation:

    • Short-term Capital Gains tax as per your tax slab is applicable on non-equity investments sold before 36 months.
    • Long-term Capital Gains tax of 20% with indexation is applicable on non-equity investments sold after 36 months.

    Dividend Income: Added to income, taxed as per tax slab.
    Interest Income: Added to income, taxed as per tax slab.


    How do I invest in PMS?

    To invest in a portfolio management service, you have to open a new demat account and a bank account with the PMS provider. You will have to hand over a power of attorney to your portfolio manager for these accounts. You have full access to these accounts to track your investments, and the portfolio manager will act on your behalf to optimize your portfolio.
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