Invest In Corporate
Fixed Deposits

Explore the stability and growth potential of Corporate Fixed Deposits providing attractive interest rates and flexible tenure options. Corporate FDs offer a secure investment avenue, backed by established companies, allowing you to earn fixed returns on your investment.

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Unlock Superior Returns with Corporate Fixed Deposits.

Financial Companies or Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) offer Corporate FDs.

It’s a safer investment option for conservative investors.

Invest in corporate fixed deposits for a specific tenure with a fixed rate of interest.

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    Guaranteed Returns

    You are guaranteed to receive the promised interest rate declared by the corporate/NBFC at the end of the tenure.

    Superior Returns
    Than Bank Fds

    Corporate FDs often deliver 1-2% higher interest rates than Bank FDs.

    Flexible Tenure

    Corporate FDs offer a flexible tenure between 1-5 years. You can choose a tenure suitable for your financial goals. The interest rate may vary based on the tenure.

    Lower Premature Withdrawal Period

    Both Bank and Corporate FDs have at least 3-month penalty period for premature withdrawal as per RBI guidelines. Corporate FDs often have a lower penalty period compared to bank FDs.

    Factors To Consider Before Investing



    The performance of the Corporate/NBFC may affect the safety of the deposit. Invest only in companies that follow RBI guidelines, have public performance reports, and have higher ratings.



    Corporate FDs have ratings between AAA to D based on performance and risk. Deposits with AAA to AA ratings are safe to invest in.


    Track Record

    The company’s track record is an essential criterion for evaluating the corporate FD's credibility and performance. Get in touch with VNN Wealth for more details.



    Assess the post-tax returns of the corporate FD with respect to the inflation rate and plan your investment horizon accordingly.

    Who Should Invest In Corporate Fds?


    Corporate FDs are ideal for conservative investors seeking superior returns than bank FDs.


    Investors wanting to park their funds for short to medium tenure can consider investing in corporate FDs.


    Corporate FDs can add stability and diversification to your portfolio.


    For retirees or those nearing retirement, corporate FDs can provide a steady stream of income.

    Taxation On Corporate Fixed Deposits

    The annual interest income earned from corporate FDs is taxable as per your tax slab if it exceeds INR. 5,000. If the interest income exceeds INR. 5,000, 10% of TDS(Tax Deducted at Source) will be applicable provided you share your PAN details, otherwise, the TDS deduction will be 20%.


    Am I eligible to invest in corporate FDs?

    Yes, with valid KYC documents, any Indian resident, NRI, HUF, Corporation, Society, Education Institution, or Partnership firm can invest in corporate FDs.

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