Calculate returns for Step-Up investments to achieve your financial goals

Consistently investing in mutual funds via SIP can help you build wealth in a longer horizon. You can achieve your financial goals by monthly investments. The same financial goals can be achieved faster by adding a step up to your existing SIP.





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What is a Step-Up SIP Calculator?

The Step-Up SIP calculator provides estimated returns on your investments in a given time period considering annual increments in the SIP amount.

Adding a Step-Up to your existing SIP avoids creating a separate SIP. Your SIP amount will get incremented every year based on the step-up set by you.

For example,
If you add a 10% step-up to your existing SIP of INR. 10,000. The next year, your SIP amount will become INR. 11,000. The following year it’ll become INR. 12,100 and so on.

You can decide the Step-Up amount or the percentage based on an annual increment in your salary, your expenses, and your financial goals.

How Does the Step-Up SIP Calculator Work?

VNN Wealth’s Step-Up SIP calculator accepts four inputs from you. The SIP amount, the Step-Up in percentage, the expected rate of return p.a., and the investment period.

Using these four inputs, the calculator outputs the estimated total return on your investment. Since the SIP amount changes every year, there’s no straightforward formula to calculate the return manually.

Our Step-Up SIP calculator uses an iterative formula that includes yearly increments to the SIP amount.

Benefits of Using Step-Up SIP Calculator

Step-UP SIP calculator helps you calculate the incremental return (amount) that you can expect by increasing your SIP amount by a certain percentage every year.

It can also help you estimate how faster you can achieve the same goal (in less number of years) by increasing the SIP amount.

For example,
SIP of INR. 20,000/month at 12% p.a. will generate roughly 1 crore in 15 years.

A 15% step-up to the same SIP will generate 2.36 crores in 15 years. Or, the 15% step-up to the same SIP will take only 11 years to generate 1 crore instead of 15 years.

Therefore, a step-up SIP not only generates larger wealth but also takes less time to achieve your financial goals.

Who Should Use Step-Up SIP Calculator?

The Step-Up SIP calculator is applicable to every investor. As your income increases every year, the investable surplus also goes up.

This calculator helps you factor in the periodic increment to your investments and the proportionate incremental return(amount).


Can I step up an existing SIP?

Yes, you can add a step-up to your existing SIPs without having the need to create a separate one.

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