Calculate returns for lumpsum investments to achieve your financial goals

A lump sum investment refers to depositing a certain amount towards the investment instrument in a single transaction instead of monthly installments. It is ideal for investors looking to invest a large sum in a scheme(s).




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What is the Lumpsum Calculator?

VNN Wealth’s lumpsum calculator is a tool that calculates total wealth and wealth gained over a specified tenure and rate of return.

It is an easier way to calculate the return on your lumpsum mutual fund investments. The calculator takes simple inputs- investment amount, expected rate of return, and tenure.

By using this calculator, you can get the estimated total value of your investment. It can help you align your lumpsum investment with a suitable tenure.

How Does Lumpsum Calculator Work?

The lump sum calculator uses the future value formula to calculate estimated return over tenure at a given rate of return.

FV: Future value
PV: Present value
r: Rate of return
n: Tenure

Let’s say, you want to invest INR 1,00,000 for 2 years at 8% p.a.

The future value would be= 100000(1+0.08)^2= 1,16,640 i.e. 16,640 wealth gained on your investment.

The lumpsum calculator makes the above calculations easier for you. Based on your financial goals, you can decide the investment amount and the tenure.

Apart from lumpsum mutual fund investment, you can use this calculator for any other lumpsum investment scheme.

Benefits of Using Lumpsum Calculator

VNN Wealth lumpsum calculator shows the return on your lumpsum investment within seconds.

It accurately shows the wealth gained on your investment, so you can make an informed decision.

The tool is an easier way to plan lump sum mutual fund investments for a suitable tenure.

You can align any lumpsum investment with your financial goals taking future value as your reference point.

Who Should Use Lumpsum Calculator?

Three types of investors prefer lumpsum investment-

  • People who have received a large sum of payment/bonus and looking to invest in a suitable instrument.
  • Investors looking to redeploy a lump sum amount they received through an insurance policy, or by selling other assets.
  • People who have inherited a large sum of money that they wish to invest.

The lumpsum calculator helps anyone who wants to invest a large amount at once. You can get an idea of the maturity amount that you can expect at the end of the tenure.


What is the minimum lumpsum investment allowed in mutual funds?

The minimum amount that you can invest in a mutual fund via a lump sum method is INR. 5,000

When should I prefer a lumpsum investment?
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