Calculate returns for EPF investments to achieve your financial goals

Employee Provident Fund is a government-backed scheme in which both employees and employers contribute a certain amount. It’s a long-term wealth generation instrument ideal for retirement planning.





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What is the EPF Calculator?

VNN Wealth’s EPF calculator shows the total PF maturity amount at the time of your retirement. The tool calculates the wealth accumulated over the years in your PF account.

Employee Provident Fund is a scheme in which an employee contributes 12% of their basic salary + dearness allowance every month. The employer also contributes 12% split into three parts:

  • 3.67% of the basic salary will go towards the EPF contribution.
  • 8.33% of the basic salary of up to INR 15,000 will be invested in EPS.
  • And, 8.33% of your remaining salary will go back to your EPF.

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The EPF calculator is a faster way to calculate the amount your PF contributions will accumulate until you retire.

How Does EPF Calculator Work?

The EPF calculator accepts simple inputs such as your basic monthly salary, current age, age of retirement, and rate of interest.

Please note that For FY 23-24, the EPFO has declared an 8.25% interest rate. The interest rate may change in the following financial years.

Once you input all the variables, the EPF calculator will produce the maturity amount you are eligible for along with your total contributions and interest earned.

The formula used by the EPF calculator takes into account the employee’s and employer’s contribution rules.

For example, if your basic salary is INR. 50,000:

Employee’s 12% EPF contribution: 6000
Employer’s 3.67% contribution towards EPF: 1835
Employer’s 8.33% of 15,000 threshold contribution towards EPS: 1250
Employer’s contribution of 8.33% of the remaining salary (35,000): 2915

Therefore, the total EPF contribution becomes INR. 10,750/month at 8.25%.

Benefits of Using EPF Calculator

  • VNN Wealth’s EPF calculator projects accumulated corpus in your PF account by the time you retire.
  • In case you plan to retire early, you can input your voluntary retirement age to calculate the estimated maturity value.
  • The EPF calculator also assists in planning your PF contributions. In order to generate more wealth, you can increase the PF contribution and use the EPF calculator to align your financial goal.
  • It is a user-friendly tool that only takes seconds to calculate the maturity amount.

How to Effectively Use EPF Calculator

The EPF calculator can help you align your financial goals with your retirement age. If you think the accumulated corpus may not be enough after retirement, you can consider VPF contributions. VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund) allows you to make additional contributions to your PF account while offering tax benefits.

You can decide your EPF+VPF contributions using the PF calculator above.

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How is EPF calculated from salary?

As per the EPF scheme, the employees contribute 12% of their monthly basic salary + dearness allowance. Employers also contribute 12% of the employee’s basic salary + dearness allowance, however, it is split into three parts-

  • 3.67% of basic salary+DA into EPF
  • 8.33% of the basic salary+DA of up to INR 15,000 will go towards EPS
  • 8.33% of the basic salary+DA will go back into the EPF

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