Our Top 7 picks of Unlisted shares in India

Unlisted shares in India have become popular over the past few years. Investors are buying unlisted shares of emerging companies showing potential growth as the awareness around them has increased. 

By investing in these shares Pre-IPO, you gain returns in two ways. 

1. Prices of these shares may go up in the long run via over-the-counter trading.

2. You may bag pre-listing/ listing gains. 

We’re receiving more inquiries about unlisted shares than ever before, especially after the Tata Tech IPO’s massive success. Tata Technologies was our second success story after Nazara Technologies in terms of entry and exit for our investors. And now, more unlisted companies have entered our top picks. 

Interested to know which unlisted share to buy?

Our team of experts has curated a list of the top 7 unlisted shares in India. 

But before we dive into it, read everything about unlisted shares here

waree energies share price

The leading renewable energy company in India, Waaree Energies Ltd manufactures solar PV modules and offers solar energy solutions. Waaree’s manufacturing facility of 12GW is among the largest in India. It started with 2GW in 2021, upgraded to 9GW in March 2023, and rapidly expanded to 12 GW in June 2023. Waaree’s four manufacturing units are located in Surat, Tumb, Nandigram, and Chikhli- collectively across 136.30 acres. The company manufactures a wide range of products such as solar panels, solar water pumps, solar street lights, and solar inverters, to name a few. The company also offers Solar EPC services along with project development, financing, operations, maintenance, and asset management.

Waaree witnessed an incredible revenue boost from 1997cr in 2021, 2950cr in 2022, to 6840cr in 2023. The operating profit margins have also increased from 4.35 in 2021 to 12.37 in 2023. Waaree is aiming to keep contributing towards a green future with its affordable and easily accessible solar energy.

vikram solar share price

Founded in 2006, Vikram Solar is one of the leading solar PV module manufacturers in India. Currently, with 3.5 GW capacity, the company also provides integrated solar energy solutions, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services, and operations & maintenance. Vikram Solar has 3 manufacturing units in Tamilnadu and West Bengal. The company has 42+ distributors across 600 districts in India. Vikram’s 70% of revenue comes from PV modules and about 20% from EPC services.

It is the first company to contribute to fully solarizing Kochi(Kerala) airport, installing a floating solar plant in Kolkata, and commissioning large-scale rooftop solar plants across India. The company also has sales offices in the USA and has supplied solar PV modules in 32+ countries. The company’s revenue has increased to INR. 2015 crores in fy23, an 18% boost from the fy22 revenue. Vikram Solar has filed a draft with SEBI to raise INR. 1,500 crore via initial public offering (IPO) and an offer for sale of up to 5,000,000 equity shares. 

tata capital share price

A subsidiary of TATA Sons, TATA Capital Limited is registered with RBI as a non-deposit-accepting NBFC. Along with its subsidiaries, TATA Capital offers financial services to corporate, retail, and institutional customers. The company’s product portfolio includes various types of loans, investment advisory, cleantech finance, private equity, wealth products, commercial and SME finance, leasing solutions, and TATA cards, to name a few. 

In the financial year 2022, TATA Capital reported the highest profit. The company’s PAT increased from INR 1,245 crore to INR 1,801 in FY22 crore and to INR 2,975 crore in FY23. Tata Capital’s loan book grew by 28% in FY22-23 and the book value increased to 48.36 from 33.82. The RoE also increased from 15.6% to 17.3%.


SBI Funds Management Limited is one of the most popular, largest asset management firms in India. Founded in 1987, it’s a joint venture between the State Bank of India and AMUNDI (A global fund management company.) SBI currently holds a 63% stake and the remaining 37% belongs to AMUNDI. SBI mutual funds offer a wide range of mutual fund schemes such as equity mutual funds, debt funds, hybrid mutual funds, solution-oriented schemes, and Exchange-traded funds, to name a few. The company also launched an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) in 2015 and may launch more funds in the future. 

With over 53+ mutual funds schemes, SBI mutual funds have INR 1.65 trillion assets under management (AUM) and over 12 million investors. SBI fund management has been offering international investor solutions since 1988. The company guides and manages India’s dedicated offshore funds. The company also offers Portfolio Management services catering to HNIs, large provident funds, institutions, and selective trusts. 

SBIFM’s AAUM is 44% more than the next largest peer (ICICI prudential mutual fund). And has hit a 27% CAGR when the rest of the market delivered 10% over a five-year horizon. As per the recent financial reports (March 2023), SBI fund management has made a net revenue of INR 2297.27 crores.

NSE India limited share price

Founded in 1992, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is India’s leading stock exchange with ~1968 companies listed on it. In 1994, NSE launched electronic screen-based trading, and internet trading in 2000.  NSE’s flagship index, Nifty 50, serves as a global benchmark for Indian capital markets. NSE is the world’s largest derivative exchange with 21% of the global derivative contract trading. It’s also the second-largest derivatives exchange in the world for currency futures trading. The capital market business model of NSE primarily offers trading services, exchange listing, market data feeds, indices, and technology solutions.

Its cash market offers a platform to trade equity shares, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, Sovereign Gold bonds, government securities, T-bills, etc. The debt market offers government, corporate bonds, commercial papers, and other debt instruments. NSE also provides index management services for equity indices, hybrid indices, and customized indices for asset management companies, insurance companies, investment banks, PMS, and stock exchanges. The company has performed at a CAGR of 35% over the last three years. NSE’s FY23 revenue has reached INR 12650 Cr. with a 63.27 net profit margin. 

csk share price

The four times IPL winner, CSK is the only sports team in India available for the general public to invest in. CSK is one of the most popular IPL franchises with a strong brand value. The brand was founded in 2008 as an IPL cricket team representing Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of India Cements. Being a popular IPL franchise, CSK became the country’s first sports unicorn. The brand’s market cap was raised to 7600 crores (more than 1 billion) with the share prices in the unlisted market trading between Rs. 210-225. 

Chennai Super Kings generates revenues from various sources such as- Gate ticket collection, In-Stadium Advertisements, and Merchandise sales. The team earns 60% of the total revenue from Media Rights, which is the highest revenue stream. The revenue from sponsorship makes up around 15-20% of total revenue followed by 10% from ticket sales. While the Pandemic had an impact on many brands, CSK managed to maintain a balance via indirect revenue streams. One of the most loved IPL teams, CSK, will continue to generate solid revenue via merchandise sales, sponsorships, portions of prize money, and digital viewership. 

studds share price

Being a global leader in two-wheeler helmet manufacturing, Studds accounts for almost one-third share of the organized two-wheeler helmet market. Studds had an opportunity to manufacture face shields and protection wear in high demand during Covid-19. Studds’s sales received another boost when The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways declared that India would only manufacture and sell BIS-certified two-wheeler helmets. Demand for two-wheeler helmets is growing rapidly post-COVID-19 as transportation has resumed. Besides, people often replace their helmets within two to three years, enabling more business for the company. 

Studds is also expanding its accessories manufacturing with riding gear gloves, goggles, jackets, and safety and storage gear. Additionally, Studds also has an opportunity to dominate bicycle helmet sales. The company is operating in more than 40 countries including Europe and US. Recently, the company has doubled its manufacturing capacity in Faridabad, Haryana. 

Nazara Technologies: Was listed on the stock exchange on March 30, 2021, at INR 1,981, an 81% boost from the issue price of INR 1,101.

TATA Technologies: Was listed on the stock exchange on 30th November, 2023 at INR 1,200, a whopping 140% higher than the issue price of INR 500.

Kurl On: In July 2023, Kurl On’s biggest rival Sheela Foam acquired a 95% stake in the company and offered a buyback option to shareholders. 

Unlisted shares are not available to invest via the established stock exchanges as they're traded over the counter or via private platforms. If you want to buy unlisted shares of the above companies, get in touch with us anytime and our team will take care of the rest.

Invest in unlisted shares.

Buying unlisted shares is a great strategy to diversify your investment portfolio. These shares are fairly safer than listed shares due to less volatility. And the major benefit of investing pre-IPO is the allocation confirmation. With Unlisted shares, investors have the opportunity to gain either pre-listing gains or listing gains.

Share prices of unlisted companies often boost right before the IPO. With a huge demand in the unlisted market, you can sell your shares and earn pre-listing gains. Or, you can wait until the IPO is live and get profit from listing gains. Please note that the pre-listing and listing gains are subject to market risk. To avoid any risks, we have chosen known brands with high brand value and promising futures. Get in touch with us if you are interested in buying the above shares. Experts at VNN Wealth will guide you through the process.