How To Generate an e-CAS Statement Online?

What is CAS?

Consolidated Account Statement or CAS is an account statement that holds the summary of all your investment transactions. CAS statements give you an overview of your mutual fund investments, SIPs, and other financial instruments held under your Demat account.

The statement fetches all the buy/sell investment transactions associated with your PAN. 

Usually, fund houses and wealth managers send the statement to investors each month. But even if not, you can easily download e-CAS online from platforms like CAMS.

Why Download e-CAS?

  1. An e-CAS statement helps you keep track of all your investments and profits earned from it.
  2. You can make further investment decisions based on the e-CAS statement. 
  3. Even though you can track your investment via an online Demat account, an e-CAS statement keeps you organized and informed.
  4. Most importantly, the e-CAS statement helps you identify and file income tax. 

Here is how to quickly download e-CAS online.

Steps to download e-CAS online

You can download e-CAS from various platforms such as CDSL, NSDL, or CAMS.

For the sake of the example, let’s go with CAMS.

CAMS lets you create an account to track each transaction and download statements. But you don’t need to have an account to generate e-CAS.

Step 1- Visit - 

Step 2- Navigate to the ‘MF Investors’ from the header menu to browse the services for the investors.

From the listed services, we are looking for ‘Statements’.

download e-cas online

Under Statements, go with CAS-CAMS+KFintech. It will have all your investment transactions. 

generate e-cas

Step 3- After selecting CAS-CAMS+KFintech, go ahead and fill in the details.

  • You can either go with the summary or the detailed statement. 
  • Select the duration for which you want to download the statement. 
  • Select the preferred folio listing. 
  • Provide your email address and create a password.
  • You will need this same password to open the e-CAS PDF delivered to your email ID.
download e-cas

NOTE- You need to provide the email address associated with all your financial and investment transactions.  

The PAN number is optional, but you are free to provide it if you want.

Step 4- Click ‘Submit’.

You will receive the e-CAS pdf to your email ID where you can see all your buy/sell transactions. 

Tips Before Downloading the Statement

  • Download monthly statements instead of yearly ones. It will be easy to keep track of each transaction.
  • Prefer selecting a detailed report instead of a summary. It will help you plan your future investments. 
  • Make sure to use the same email address across all investment platforms.

We hope this was helpful. Reach out to us for any further queries you may have. Get more Personal Finance Tips from our advisors.